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Language English
Collection usfederalcourts; additional_collections


Reviewer: johnhenrylawyer - - April 1, 2013
Subject: Better than any fiction
I picked up this book for reading on the crapper. Once I started I could not stop. These guys have incredible testicles. I mean, they are big, and round, and full of manly testosterone. They put normal attorneys like myself to shame. So daring, and brave, and creative. I mean, they really defined Copyright Trolling for generations to come. I am sure their families are so proud. What's more is that they appear to be a bottomless font of ideas. Every time I think they have done their last absurd act they come up with something new. I cannot wait until the next chapter is published.

The downside here is that there are real victims. This book is about attorneys who abused their power and took advantage of the reality or our lopsided legal system to scam unwary victims.
Reviewer: bUzlIvTKiusx - - March 31, 2013
Subject: An Exquisite Kafka Extempore
A Must-Not-Miss---

Stomach-flutteringly exciting and finger-twitchingly suspenseful... as advertised on Twitter,

"A Good Old-Fashioned Bench Slappin', starring John Steele & Paul Hansmeier, industry leaders of the copyright troll business ... Puppet Gibbs and the Band: Paul Duffy, Angela Van Den Hemel, Mark Lutz ... Special Appearances by Peter `no dog in this fight' Hansmeier and the ever-elusive people's hero, Alan `the ghost' Cooper. Organized by The Honorable Otis D. Wright II."

Witness the humbling---and perhaps demise?---of Prenda Law directly before your too-poor-for-PACER eyes! Bash that F5 key for the latest never-before-seen shenanigans from those "fucking asshats". Get a fleeting glimpse of the enigmatic person of Alan Cooper himself, wade through Salt Marsh, and discover the true last name of Alan Mooney! Who -really- owns AF Holdings? Find out right here!

Special thanks to corporate shell sponsors AF Holdings, Livewire, and Ingenuity 13 for making this all possible!
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on 8/1/2015